What is documentary style photography?

For me documentary style photography is more natural in nature (excuse the pun). It captures moments in time that are more realistic- such as a random joke that gets the kids busting out laughing, someone tripping and falling and getting hugs and kisses on their boo boos.

What is my style?

I try to capture smiles, laughter, kisses and hugs on camera. I am also a storyteller so I try to get to know you during the photoshoot so I can get a feel for your personality. Happiness and love candidly done. I also like bright colors so I try to showcase more contrasts in my photography. I like to also combine a little of fine art photography if I can if we have a cool background or an amazing sunset...

Do I edit out blemishes?

I don't. Trust me I wanted my mentor/photographer to edit out my fat rolls or my crows feet near my eyes. But she and I talked about it and agreed - ultimately I want to remember the good and bad, and the real. And more than anything I want my son to see and remember the real me. With that said, I will keep things authentic but if you have problem areas (you want to hide) let me know in advance and we can try different angles to help with that.

What else???


  • What to wear: My style does best with bright colors such as solid colors of blue, red and yellow
  • What to expect: It's normal to feel nervous during your photoshoot. Try to relax and I will try to make it fun for you and everyone involved!
  • Where is your studio? Because my style of photography is more natural and authentic I don't believe in props or a studio. However if your little one has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, by all means they can bring it! Also you get to pick the location - your favorite park, ice cream store, the comfort of your home or even a dramatic backdrop to create some memories - such as a historical landmark or a quaint cobblestone street!
  • And hey, where is your blog??? As a busy mom myself, I barely have time to read other people's blogs so I don't expect other to do so with mine. If I ever start one, it's how to incorporate being an authentic mom- the good, the bad and the ugly!