About Tinker Light Photography

I am a natural lighting documentary style (photo journalistic) photographer serving Bethesda, MD and DC metro area that focuses on finding artistic undertones in real life sentiment, humor and laughter. As a visual storyteller, I focus on pulling out emotions, color, and finding beauty in the moment.

My style of photography isn't for everyone - in general I try to avoid too much posing or "smile at the camera", and instead I focus on the candid and the raw emotion. A little of art, and a lot of soul/heart.

Its always been my intention to see how I can grow this business to give back and help others. For every 5 paying clients - I will donate 1 photo shoot to someone in underprivileged family that can't afford photos, the starving college student, the single moms out there, and the LGBTQ community who wants engagement photos even though their families have disowned them, etc. xoxo

About Christine

Creativity has always run through my veins. Growing up I loved to act and draw as a way to push the limits of childhood with vivid imagination and make believe. I remember when I was 10 years old, my middle school theater teacher told me I would be famous (she ended up later appearing as a guest on Oprah) - and because of her, I auditioned at George Lucas Productions. Later on in my life I fell in love with dance - in grad school I danced competitively 32 hours a week on top of homework and a jam packed class schedule. But doing creativity here or there was never enough no matter how much I pushed the urge aside.

Today, I am not famous. Like everyone else, I cry a lot, I laugh a lot and try to find meaning and gratitude in the simple things in life. And when I am not photographing, I am a mom, a lifetime dreamer, and still find time to squeeze in dance.

MA Communication Management if it matters :) I am also a photographer for Joy of Motion Dance in DC.

Mentored by SF Bay Area Top 5 Family Photographer IcarianPhotography

Photo credit: Above- Icarian Photography. Below- Jeff Naveen Photography